Magnetic Therapy


From Robin Even kinesiology is affected by electricity and magnetics in our environment. Yup. Muscle testing is the way we show people that magnetics work.

I became involved with magnetic healing about a year and a half ago. I had been talking with my mechanic about my dog and how badly he was doing. He (the dog, not the mechanic) was about 13 1/2 and his hips had gotten bad enough that he was really close to being put down. His (the mechanic’s, not the dog’s) daughter was a distributor, and he called her over, and she gave me the 2-minute version of the demo, and sent somebody to my house to show me more.

I tried the products on me, felt better than I had in 10 years, and decided I had to share this with other people too. My dog was unable to stand up and step off my bed in the morning, and would throw his front end off, and then his back end, fall on the floor, pick himself up (sort of), and then drag his behind over to the door for his morning walk.

I put him on the magnetic mattress pad on my bed every night, figuring I’d give it a week’s trial, and if he didn’t get better I’d have him put down. After four nights, the next morning he stood up and stepped off the bed, as he had not done in a long time. After a week or two, I saw him sit again, then run again. The light came back into his eyes. I only had him put down 7 months later, when he really had gotten too weak and incontinent for me to make him stay in that old body any longer.

The above is my “miracle” story. There were no variables involved to make me think that it wasn’t the magnets that helped Greaser (my dog). And he was better for long enough that it couldn’t have been just a “better time,” as in you have better days and worse days, but his improvement lasted.

For me and how I feel, there are a lot of little things that are better now–I don’t need an inhaler to breathe during certain seasons anymore, and when I can’t breathe I lie down on magnets and after less than a minute, I can breathe again. I sleep better and more deeply than I ever did before (and I thought I slept fine before), and thus have more energy during the day. I don’t have the problems with balance that I used to have. My feet hurt a lot less and I can run up stairs now, which I couldn’t for about 5 years before magnets. My muscles don’t ache like they used to after a workout or whatever. My bruises go away quickly now, within a couple of days instead of over a week.

What are some of the ‘feeling worse before you feel better’ effects that you mentioned?

It’s what a lot of people will call detox. The presence of the magnetic energy field will stir up toxins in the system and so you might feel icky at first when using magnets. It is recommended to drink lots of water during that early time. I used to feel achy my first month using the insoles. I had it pretty easy that wise and after drinking some water, the achiness would go away. It lasted about a month for me. It also took about a month before I realized I was running up stairs again. My worst “health response” was nightmares when I was on the mattress pad and pillow. That lasted a couple of months–weird dreams or bad dreams. It really scared me–I NEVER have nightmares–but because in other ways I felt so much better, I decided to stick with it, and then I did feel better. My chemical sensitivities also got worse during that time. But then it all was okay again, so it was worth it. Most people report better dreams sleeping on magnets; most do NOT report nightmares, but I did, and I’m glad I know it’s a possibility, because if it happens to somebody else I can help see them through it. Robinn Neebs

I’ve been experimenting with the magnets for the birds. My first test was with a brooder of Tiel babies. Just the basic plastic aquarium type brooder. Six babies. They had their preferred end that they always stayed in. I put a magnet under the opposite end. Within thirty minutes, all the chicks had migrated to the opposite end of the brooder. So I switched it. Same thing, within 30 min. they had all migrated to the end over the magnet. So I switched it three more times. Same result.

The magnetic pad that I was using was about six inches, and the type that I have found to be the best (through my research) has a type of pyramid pattern that runs through the entire pad. The circular and wavy patterns have been shown to be not as effective.

I am now waiting for my next clutch of Tiels. I am going to use a combination of magnetized water and a continuous magnet under the brooder and keep track of the growth rates, feather development, etc. Any other milestones anyone can think of, I’ll add in.

I’ve been doing hands-on and absent healing for about 20 yrs. and have found it very beneficial with my family and pets. I’ve also treated horses, everything. I find the magnets to be better because although it has the same immediate effect, the treatment can be continuous.

I would be interested in hearing about other experiences. Nancy Newman SkyDancers Aviary

From Robin A little more about magnets:

They have two different designs, one of which is a bipolar–negative on one side and positive on the other.

The negative side is the relaxing side and the side people generally use for healing. The positive side excites, and is usually NOT what you want facing the body. This particular company places the bipolar magnets in strategic locations on their products such that the magnetic fields are the most effective. However, the other design is a bunch of triangular magnets all adjacent to each other such that every other one has the positive and every other one has the negative facing up. This design is not expected to be improvable upon because it causes the magnetic fields to be tall and thus more effective. ‘The positive-negative adjacent to each other thing in this particular design causes a “steep field gradient,” or a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic energy all across the magnet’s surface.’

The magnet I used under my kakariki was of the triangular board design.

The highest gauss magnet we use is a 1000 gauss; I wear a necklace in which there are several 1000 gauss magnets. Without it, my neck really hurts (years of typing and now bus driving). The insoles are 450. I believe in the mattress pads each magnet is 1000 gauss. Higher gauss magnets can interfere with one’s own magnetic field, so when you see ads for “15,000 gauss super health magnet” on the internet, that’s not something to get excited about.

Magnetized water is water that has either been set on a magnet for a few minutes or has a magnet attached to the water pipe.

There’s a farmer in this area who’s been using magnetized water for about 2 years now. She’s got a magnet clamped on her water pipe, and no longer has to scrape crud off of her horses’ teeth like she used to.

I myself have noticed some difference with the magnet on the pipe, but not tons. Perhaps we just have REALLY hard water here. Naturally, the birds are all getting magnetized water as well. I think there’s less hard-water crud on things like the fish tank and the pots, and soap does foam up a little better than it used to, but I think other people are getting more noticeable results than I. Again, perhaps our water is just harder than most.

The way it works is, water comes into your house with big mineral crystals that make your water hard. They pass through the magnetized part of the pipe at right angles to the magnet, and the crystals are broken up into smaller mineral bits, and your water is softer. Robinn

I find this discussion to be interesting. There are a couple points that I would like to bring up. I am seeing the magnets for water lines in many places these days. My question in regard to them is if they attract iron and other magnetically particulate matter to them, would not this in the course of time cause a blockage in the pipe in that area?

Second, I would advise caution in using magnets for therapy with birds. Current scientific evidence indicates that birds use a combination of UV polarized vision and magnetic sensation as a means of navigation and orientation. Without understanding what effect powerful (in relation to natural planetary magnetism) magnets might have on them, I would be slow to apply this treatment in any general practice. Any thoughts??? Patrick Thrush

Patrick, thank you for your comments. As always, I value your opinion.

One of the reasons I thought the proper magnetic therapy would be beneficial for the birds is that it would reestablish their natural connection to the magnetic energy of the earth, which has been cut off for them, as it has for most humans, by concrete, asphalt, steel and electrical systems.

I told you about the test I did with the magnetic pad just to see how the babies would react, and how they were drawn to the magnetic energy no matter where I placed the pad. Well, these same babies are growing faster and weaning earlier (in five of six babies) than other clutches I have had. Now, I am not a scientist, but I realize that one clutch does not a make a scientific conclusion. But I also realize that something is at work here.

The way I am magnetizing the water is by setting the plastic or glass container on a magnetic pad for a few minutes before giving it to the birds. That way the way merely receives the “energy” and nothing is removed from it. They seem to be much more active than they were previously.

I intend to continue the informal, unscientific research on my birds here in my aviary. I will certainly keep you all advised. Nancy Newman

Earth’s Magnetic Field From Sue van Gelder

I am not the world’s expert on any of this! Some things I would prefer to leave to others with more direct expertise include: magnet arrays for animals (Robinn, perhaps?) and magnetized pipe devices (Nancy, Robinn?).

Laugh with me, because I would be considered a heretic by most of my fellow geologists for also being a dowser. Left-brained, analytical scientists have developed very elaborate methodologies for determining what a good ol’ “water witch” can determine in a few minutes to a few days. Truth is, a number of HUGE oilfields were discovered by dowsers in the first half of this century, and their employers were today’s giant oil companies. The dowsers were hired by the company chiefs, usually without the knowledge of the “technical staff”.

Over the years, my system of beliefs has been challenged over and over by observations I just can’t ignore, so I have come to believe that there is no clear line between “science” and “magic”. IMO, the principal difference between “scientific” phenomena and “magic” lies in our ability to MEASURE the results with our current technology. How do we “measure” or explain how our bird got better after a dose of Rescue Remedy? At the moment, we can’t. The tools don’t exist…yet. Good oil exploration tools didn’t exist in the 1930s, which is why they used dowsers too. Now I work for a company that creates these tools.

I discovered dowsing through my personal quest for wellness, and have used it for a variety of health-related decisions, and to locate lost objects and pets for myself and others. However, the original topic here was about underground streams and such, so let’s start out with a little geology.

“Underground streams” are sometimes literal things, and sometimes not. Depending on where you live, the bedrock underlying the soil mantle may contain a microscopic network of holes called “pores” through which water (and dissolved minerals, and oil, and hazardous wastes…) can flow; or the bedrock might be impermeable to liquids, yet be full of cracks that trend in certain directions — fractures and faults — along which water will be directed.

Many of you live in areas underlain by extremely porous “limestone”, and in addition to having the microscopic pore network described above, areas like Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, central to west Texas, and New Mexico have vast underground freeway systems for water that have been dissolved out of the rock. If you have caves near you, you may well have “underground streams” beneath you too.

Mountainous areas like Colorado, western N.C., and much of the west coast have what geologists call “hard rocks” or crystalline rocks directly beneath the soil, and the “underground streams” in these locales are more of the fracture/fault type. They are generally narrower, and the downside is that radioactive gases like radon can also seep up through these fractures. DO NOT PANIC! If this is a hazard in your area, people probably know about it, and there are testing services that can come out to your house to test if you’re really worried. Your state geological survey should have records of known radon seeps.

Some fracture systems, however, do not seep radon, but nevertheless seem to emanate what I’ll lump as “unbeneficial earth energies” (UEEs) and contribute to vague health disturbances. It is the UEEs found along these fracture systems and some limestone underground streams that I’d especially like to help you identify and mitigate against, whether they occur under your house, aviary, place of business, or whatever.

Sue vG