Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Recovery from Vet Vists & X-Rays

Arnica montana 30c is a good choice, not only for a puncture site, but as a remedy for the anesthesia (loss of conciousness).  I am not really surprised to find that the scutellaria lateriflora at 30c did not do the job.  This is for two reasons.  First, this is a remedy for nervous, directed fear.  The best dosage for this is either a tinctureor low potency (3x-6x). In a case such as this, my choice would have been aconite (aconitum napellus) in a 30c.

If this fear is a consistent problem, a 1M may be appropriate.  Aconite is a good general fear/anxiety remedy of the polycrest group of homeopathics, and as such, is more appropriate for fear based problems such as vet visits.  I would also follow up with X-Ray 30c.  This remedy works not only for exposure to radiation, but also stimulates cellular metabolism, and can perk up behavior and vitality, especially after anesthesia.  Avoid using potencies less than 30c or greater than 200c unless you are looking to do comprehensive treatment, as they can bring to the surface other problems which have been suppressed

In regard to magnet therapy, there are three homeopathic remedies which are magnetic in source.  The two most common are magnetis polus articus (north pole of the magnet) and magnetis polus australus (south pole of the magnet).  They are useful for disturbances in sleep, and foot problems, respectively. Patrick Thrush

From Beryl Chapman’s book:


Hypercal for slow, non-emergency bleeding Hamamelis 30 for weakness from bloodloss and after operations Bellis Perennis 30 heals deep tissue after surgery Lachesis 30 for sepsis with skin a dark purple color


Lycopodium 30 if bird is shivery and cold with the right foot warm and the left foot cold. Aconite 30 if the weather is cold, dry, and windy and if the bird is hot and restless Gelsemium 30 if the bird is tired without fear but fluffed and looking ill


Arsenicum 30 if bright green and liquid Alum 30 if dark or light brown Arnica 200 after surgery for bloody diarhhea Carbo Veg 30 if weak from fluid loss


Treat with allopathic remedy then give Ledum 12, 2 doses morning and evening or if severe, give 4 doses during the day


Aconite if bird is hot and has fear and labored breathing Arsenicum if bird is restless Sulphur if bird relapses from either of above treatments


Arnica 200 if shock is from an accident causing physical injury Aconite if shock is from fear and injury of capture Ignatia 200 or 30 if shock is from grief or fright Gelsemium if patient is cold, has no fear, is quiet and prostrated


Arsenicum 30 for food poisoning Ipecacuanha 30 if bird is hot and salivating and gasping Carbo-Veg 200 if bird is quiet and cold Aurum 30 for mercury poisoning Merc Sol 30 if bird is weak and can’t stand Pyrogen 30 if bird consumed poisoned meat

Tumors in Budgies

Calc carb 30 twice a day for 2 days then once a day for a week for fatty cysts Silica 30 if cyst is hard Scirrhinum 200 one dose a week if lump is hard with weight loss (cancer) Dulcamara 30 for chill with diarrhea if the weather is wet

Puncture wounds: Ledum