Quaker: Plucking and Weight Loss

Zoey is a 4 yr old quaker that plucks and has a malabsorption problem. I am not concerned with the feather plucking, it`s the compulsive chewing at his skin and on and off malnutrition I am trying to find answers for.
Bloodwork done in January 1999
AST (SGOT) was 147 U/L 20-350
Total Protein 3.0 G/DL 3.0 – 5.5
Calcium 5.7 L MG/DL 7.6 -12.0
Glucose 268 ” 180-350
Uric acid 10.4 H ” 2-10
Phosphorous 2.5 L ” 3.0 – 5.5
CPK 459 H U/L 50 – 400

Albumin 1.3 L G/DL 1.9 – 3.2
Cholesterol 208 MG/DL 50-350
Anylase 294 U/L 50- 350

neither vet wanted to do a new blood work.

Jan. of this year zoey had trouble pooping, lots of straining.
1/25 weight 99 grams. looked pale and depressed… per vet
1/26 Flagile 1/30 Fluconazoal 2/5 Baytril
He started with digestive enzymes 1/30 and working with diet
changes…. all natural
X- Ray did not show any cause for the bowel problem.
used herbs to help with straining.
In March started with homeopathic treatments…. by April poops were better not as much straining and gaining weight. 4/1 108 grams
4/29 117 grams end of May 122 grams end of June 124 The beginning of July he started being quiet.

July 5 the while I was outside he fell on the carpet… after that he started losing weight and we discovered mites in his cage and on his toys. The vet could find none on Zoey.

7/29 124 grams
8/30 129 grams
9/30 129 all month
10/15 126 10/29 122

remedies used were Pull, Arc. Kali C per vet

nux .. silica … arnica on my own, when I couldn`t reach the vet. bach flower holly 9/11 cerato 8/11 8/27 RR chicory 6/12 6/7
RR 4/30 chicory bach flower crab apple this month
R.R. 2x`s this month. mimulus for fear on occasion earlier this year.

tried AMC neurozes, ignatia 12x made him worse. 9/26 to 9/29

Below are several of the messages from Darlene to the list referencing Zoey. These posts are dated from 9/99 to 10/99.

Would Rescue Remedy cause a bird to be sleepy and eat less?

Would Kyolic with garlic, vit c and astragalus sprinkled lightly
over food for 2 days, cause more droppings?

Is Noah`s Kingdom small seed mix too strong with all it`s
herbs etc… for a Quaker with a digestive problem?

Should digestive enzymes be used daily and considered safe? How often are you using rescue remedy and why are you using it?

Once last week when he went for a nail trim and once after he fell. He got upset from being misted with herbs.

I took the alcohol out by boiling it first.
I dapped some on his skin. the first time he seemed great after I did it. Could I have caused a problem?

Digestive enzymes are considered safe if used daily depending on how much you give. IF you are speaking of Prozyme, the tiniest pinch would

Yes, I was using prozyme…. maybe I used to much.
Today I used the other enzymes I had, He just took
a bite or two. I also put Ornabac in his second food dish.

His droppings were much better, I will know tomorrow if he is still loosing weight. Oct 1st he weighed 128 -129 today 124 -125 ( morning weights.)

On Noah`s kingdom mix, I can see seeds in his droppings, With Hallo he seems to itch more. So I have been trying to mix the above different ways to see what would be best.

Zoey eats and poops all day long. Not like your normal bird. Morning droppings are good.. all day long they differ and by PM it`s good again.

I have a phone consult tomorrow at 11:30

I was hopping the RR was causing the sleepy eyes
and decrease in eating. He is over weight but I am
concerned. The last time he lost weight was when I
found the mites in his cage. I hope it isn`t serious.

The vet thinks it`s just a minor set back. I guess I would have more confidence if we weren`t doing phone consult and he could actually see zoey. .

We talked a 1/2 hour and he will get back to me withanother remedy.

We have already tried Puls. Ars. and Kali Carb…. since March. How does one know whether to just stop or keep going?

After reading the info on toxic foods, I am
wondering if green beans could be the cause
of my quakers loosing weight. Is there a remedy
or a safe way to get toxins out? I was thinking of
trying Nux. I don`t want to do a detox right now.
Any suggestions?

The only other thing the vet said to give zoey was a pitch of kelp and
prozyme daily. I was using to much prozyme. He suggested spinach leaves. After reading that toxic food page.. I`ll pass on that for now. I did send the page to the vet. He does get greens etc.

I was reading Natural health care again, and had started with crab apple 2 days ago.

I can take pictures of zoeys droppings etc…

I just got the new remedy for zoey……. Stramonium
I have only had time to look it up in one book so far.
I don`t see any connection……

Is there a certain amount of time one should wait
between different remedies? The books I have and a few vets …. all have different opinions. How do you know what is best for your bird?

From Valerie,

> Stramonium is a convulsion remedy primarily. Some cases of epilepsy
> respond. Pupils are dilated. Prefers light to dark. Graceful rhythmic
> rather than jerky movements of the limbs. Symptoms are worse
> alone, in the dark. Better in company in the light.

This remedy sounds like it`s more for our lovebird with seizures than

> What is the dosage ie 30C 30x or higher stuff?

The dose is 30C once. (All the pellets in the sealed package) aprox.

Did you use this remedy in the past?

You said you can tell when it`s the right remedy.
Zoey has had aggravations from all 3 remedies this year.
Any thoughts on this? I tried to e-mail you last week
and again this week…they were returned.

Thanks for all the information from the list.
I plan to call the vet and ask more questions.
Meanwhile zoey has pulled 4 good feathers out this week and is down to 122. My other vet, ( avian ) said to come
in for blood work, only if his weight goes under 120.
( zoey was over weight )

Hi Valerie,
Thank you very much. I do have his book
and work from it also. It seems with zoey,
no one has been able to come up with the right
remedy. I sometimes wonder if I am presenting
his symptoms incorrectly since it`s a phone consult not an actual visit. Our avian vet calls it one thing
and as you know, homeopathic`s don`t label…

Suggestions for Zoey: From Sue
I got that Zoey can be fixed up with
simple dietary changes that include:

Keeping the Harrison’s; shooting for 12-13% max protein daily; since
malabsorption is often an intestinal thing, w/ B-Complex involved, brown
rice would supply some of that. Cut the Rescue Remedy; it loses its punch
if given regularly. Do not use milk thistle to detox but rather Bach Crab
Apple Bach Essence (doesn’t act on the physical body per se) if anything at the moment. *The simpler the better for the next 2-3 weeks*, since Zoey’s system is utterly baffled by the recent onslaught of many different remedies.

From gloria:

My recommendatins for Zoey is an addition of digestive enzymes and some ginger for digestion, I had thought some paratox type herbs because I feel he has some sort of parasite interfering with the absorption of
nutrients, but instead, going along with Sue’s idea of simplifying
things, perhaps a pinch of garlic powder and pumpkin seed powder. (another possibility would be to be guided by Don Well’s research on GSE for giardia and recommend GSE in his water but with all the other meds Zoey has been on, I think that is too much.)

From Dr. C

My read is Zoey’s big problem is the picking. I think there has been too many meds. At this point I think
1) Nux v. until there is some improvement. Then nothing.
2) Apples as fruit ; seed for protein; and sweet potato for carbohydrates

I would also recommend that Darlene learn to eat better- that she avoid junk food and do Okra and papaya for herself.