Back in 1989, when I became involved with parrots, we had very few local veterinarians who knew anything about the unique health problems of exotic birds. Many of them refused to even look at a sick bird. Those that did agree to examine birds often didn’t understand how sick a bird could be before it would exhibit symptoms and once it did, it needed immediate emergency treatment. An appointment delayed until later in the week would often be a death sentence for sick birds. Also, the drugs they used were often wrong for birds or administered at the wrong dose.

As a result, I began to study and apply alternative healthcare methods to my birds. Some of these methods were successful and others were not. I knew other people felt just as helpless as I did and that still others had experience that I lacked. Consequently, in 1999 I started a discussion list on Yahoo Groups, to gather people together where we could gain and share knowledge to help our birds.

Some of the discussion threads were so valuable that I created a website where they could be posted for public use. These discussions and case studies make up this website.

A few years later, I created another website specifically for newsletter articles written by volunteers, who studied topics in-depth and were willing to share them with everyone. The HolisticBird Newsletter back issues are located at holisticbirds.com.

Although I have personally changed the direction of my life’s journey, I leave these websites up for the benefit of people who love their birds.The discussion list is still going strong, but I am no longer involved. I turned it over to intelligent and caring people, who are eager to keep it going for the love of birds.

If you wish to join, send an email to this address:

or go to this link:

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  1. Suat Gunduz says:

    Hello, could you help me about megabacteria treatment if possible?

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